Be My Eyes
Lea Collet (FR)
Be My Eyes
Film -

My dad will try
There will be flowers in the eyes
To flowers in the eyes
Deer flowers
Brother sister
It's walking around, suffering, dancing
An irreducible combination of the three
Starting from a movement
Repetition, acceleration
Flat headlamp
It is not clear where they come from
What is their purpose
For 3 days
A sort of ritual for my father's glaucoma.
The movements are fast, how do they reflect
So as to build a language of rhythm.
Let's put on each other's glasses.
Fog that pulls towards the white
taking its time and that settles further and further
Found at dawn and dusk
Drawing the real image towards the dawn
and this white is not
to go back in time
from the future into the present
With some techno music
And potentially end on a blank.
Text by Rosanna Puyol, 2022

Lea Collet
Lea Collet France
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Born in Lyon in 1989, lives and works between Roubaix, Paris and London. Collet’s practice oscillates between performance, installations, video and research. She works in institutional, self-organized and educational contexts. She introduces landscapes and subjects that investigate social relations and augmented affect experienced in and through digital mediation and technological collaboration. She studied at the DIU Artec+, (Paris, France) the Slade School of Fine and Camberwell College of Arts, (London, UK). Her work has been presented at Camden Arts Centre, London, 2022 - Manifesta 13, Les Parallèle du Sud, Coco Velten, Marseille, 2021- Gossamer Fog, London, 2019.

  • Scénario: Lea Collet
  • Interprétation: Youssif Abdelrahman, Florian Alphonse, Victor Becard, Aoued Belhadj, Harry Bix, Minh Boutin, Kim Boutin, Gilles Collet, Farmata Drame, Lucile Gauchet, Nicolas Giot, Estelle Jauneaud, Dounia Jauneaud, Ilana Kahn, Helio Pu, Rosanna Puyol, Mia Rafolo
  • Image: Jean Guillaud, Arnaud Alberola
  • Montage image: Helio Pu
  • Effets spéciaux: Minh Boutin
  • Son: Raphaël Zucconi
  • Montage son: Raphaël Zucconi
  • Assistant montage son: Morgane Bello
  • Musique originale: Minh Boutin
  • Mixage: Martin Delzescaux
  • Étalonnage: Chloé Terren
  • Accompagnement artistique: Yann GONZALEZ

Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains