La Partida de las Imágenes (Le départ des images)
Ana Edwards (CL)
La Partida de las Imágenes (Le départ des images)
Film -

Between ethnography and reverie, La Partida de las Imágenes immerses itself in-between the spaces of dreams; the light and dark, the visible and the invisible, matter, spirits and images. Anecological reflection alongside a Mapuche family in the south of Chile that observes the human and nonhuman social maps that arise through dreaming.

Ana Edwards
Ana Edwards Chili
Promotion Marguerite Duras

Ana Edwards (1987) studied Visual Arts in Chile. In 2019 she completed an MA in Visual Anthropology in the UK. Her practice begins as a search for human and non-human worlds as unstable and in constant transformation. She is interested in film and ecology as a system of interconnected elements subject to influence each other.

  • Interprétations: Nelda Pitriqueo, Belisario Pitriqueo, Cristian Pitriqueo
  • Image: Ana Edwards
  • Son: Ana Edwards
  • Montage image: Ana Edwards
  • Assistant montage: Louise Pallier
  • Accompagnement artistique: Ben Rivers

Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains